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dennis campay
Drawing holds a central place in my work. I have spoken of its role and uses both as its own and as a key part of my paintings and sculptures but most surely in my creative process. I have explored and investigated through drawing a language of marks that communicates different narratives which creates feelings, memories of environments and elements of things that we encounter in everyday life.
My images represent a period of time-a glimpse into the ongoing evolution of a body of work. This creates a kaleidoscope of stories allowing the work to grow with the viewer through the lens of the experience of life.

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dennis campay, 2018 
A resident of Atlanta since 1972 and graduate of the Atlanta College of Art in 1992, Dennis and his wife Colette now divide their time between Atlanta and the historic neighborhood of San Marco in Jacksonville, FL
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1950 Portsmouth, Virginia
Atlanta College of Art / Bachelor of Fine Arts 1992
dennis campay fellowship
The Atlanta College of Art
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dennis and colette campay studio art scholarship - university of florida
This fund, honoring Dennis and Colette Campay, provides scholarships to art students in art and art history in the College of Fine Arts. Dennis and Colette established this scholarship fund because of their commitment to the arts and belief that continuing support of the arts is essential to the complete development of our existence